Back to School

It’s that time of year again, back to school. Parents have to outfit their kids with gadgets, supplies and clothes. Dynatrace has looked at a selection of retailers to see how their sites have been performing through August as consumers’ ... More >


Comparison Websites: Keys to Online Business Success (but only with IT’s Cooperation)

Comparison websites are now for most Germans the most important piece on the web. According to a 2013 study by consumer research firm Gfk, more than 70 percent of German Internet surfers are already using comparison websites to complete ... More >


Monolith to MicroServices: Key Architectural Metrics to Watch

Through my Share Your PurePath program I can confirm that many software companies are moving towards a more service-oriented approach. Whether you just call them services – or Micro-services doesn’t really matter. If you want to get a quick ... More >


Citrix Session Reliability Part 2: When “Network Errors” are neither “Network” nor “Errors”

In last week’s post I looked at Citrix Session Reliability and its relationship to key network performance indicators. I concluded by saying that measuring TCP connectivity issues is essential to an understanding of the user’s overall ... More >


Automated Performance Engineering Framework for CI/CD

Author: Aftab Alam, Senior Project Manager, Infosys Independent Validation and Testing Services with contribution from Shweta Dubey Continuous Integration is an important part of agile based development process. It's getting huge ... More >


Citrix Session Reliability: Does it Cloud Your Network Insight?

In this post, I won’t discuss the merits – good or bad – of Citrix’s Session Reliability feature; that topic is best left to Citrix engineers. Instead, I’ll focus on the importance of understanding and managing the performance of the ... More >


The Evolution of APM

The Internet made global local, Social changed the way we communicate and Mobile made it possible to do everything anywhere. The collection of these efforts has forced more innovation in a shorter period of time than anywhere else in human ... More >


Top Five Broken AA NPM Promises

You may have noticed – through experience, product literature, website content, or marketing emails – that virtually all AA NPM solutions tout benefits from capabilities embedded in such themes as “User Experience,” “Application ... More >