Delivering Omnichannel Success with IBM WebSphere Commerce: A Digital Agency Perspective

I had the opportunity to talk to Jon Anhold, an Associate Technology Partner at Rosetta, a leading Digital Agency that specializes in IBM WebSphere Commerce about how they consistently deliver Omnichannel success to their clients. ... More >


Java Performance Impact by Dynamic Class Loading

If you follow my blog posts you know that I am a big fan of metrics as they tell us what’s going on in our application and even with a single integration, unit or manual test we can uncover architectural issues that will not allow your app ... More >


Digital Performance Insights from Mother’s Day 2015

The digital business landscape is highly competitive.  The transformation from traditional approaches to doing business to a real dominance of digital channels is well underway. At Dynatrace, we see interesting trends shaping how Digital ... More >


Key Metrics to ensure your IBM WebSphere Commerce investment delivers: Part 2

In Part 1 of this 2 part blog series, we looked at the key metrics that are useful to different stakeholders in an IBM WebSphere Commerce (WSC) environment. To recap, one key component to successfully manage an online retail site is the ... More >


Key Metrics to ensure your IBM WebSphere Commerce investment delivers: Part I

IBM WebSphere Commerce (WSC) is a robust and highly scalable platform for powering omni-channel commerce.  However, to monitor WSC effectively for the purposes of maximizing revenue through the delivery of a high-performance customer ... More >


Functional Test (R)Evolution

In the last couple of weeks I had the chance to meet a lot of testers in different cities and at different events. To name a few: TestExpo in Copenhagen, STPCon in San Diego, Grand Rapids Testers and Sydney Testers Meetup. I presented my ... More >


How to Drive SharePoint User Adoption at Your Company

The topic of User Adoption on SharePoint is a hot-button issue within many companies. Since its introduction by Microsoft in 2001, SharePoint has evolved over the years to be the ubiquitous, go-to collaboration tool used throughout ... More >


Creating Evolved Applications for Evolving Customer Experiences [Infographic]

Change and variability in customer buying behaviors is a constant. Especially as buying power shifts to the millennial generation, born digitals with higher expectations.  It’s our job to be prepared to build a high performing digital ... More >