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Michael is a Technical Product Manager at Dynatrace. Reach him at @mikopp

Surviving In The Cloud

The public cloud promised fast deployments and near endless scalability at low costs. Whether that promise was too good to be true is yet to be seen. But recent problems at Amazon have shown one thing clearly enough: neither Cloud Applications nor the ways we monitor them are production ready yet.
On September 15 at 1 PM EDT, DZone.com will be presenting a webinar titled, “Surviving In The Cloud: Is Your Cloud Application Production Ready? Is Your Production Team Cloud Ready?” featuring myself.

In this webinar I will discuss one of the most important and seemingly ignored tenets of cloud design, how this affects your applications’s architecture and how to do performance management in the cloud. More importantly, you’ll find out how these new architectures combined with more frequent deployments pose new challenges for operations that require a new way of thinking. Join us for this webinar to discover how Application Performance Management (APM) in general and dynaTrace in particular rise to this challenge and can help you realize the promise of the cloud.

About The Author
Michael Kopp
Michael Kopp Michael is a Technical Product Manager at Dynatrace. Reach him at @mikopp


  1. There are a myriad of cloud computing solutions out there. Finding out what is best for your business enterprise will require research and an understanding that one size fits all. Some companies have certain parameters that require commodity cloud computing such as that which Amazon’s cloud offers. However, for companies that want to work within the enterprise cloud, there are amazon competitors that offer solutions for the services needed in that realm of the cloud computing.

    The differences described above, tie into application performance management. To maximize the performance of your company, one must be diligent about finding the right setting for this to take place. As Michael explains, this means finding the right design for you.

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