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Andreas Grabner has been helping companies improve their application performance for 15+ years. He is a regular contributor within Web Performance and DevOps communities and a prolific speaker at user groups and conferences around the world. Reach him at @grabnerandi

EnterpriseJS Boston Summit Highlights


I was fortunate to be in town at the same time EnterpriseJS Boston Summit was taking place earlier this week. I am just starting to wrap my head around Node.js (being a guy with a background in .NET and Java) and, therefore, not at all an expert in the field. Check out which is "A COMMUNITY FOCUSED ON ELEVATING JAVASCRIPT DEVELOPMENT FOR THE ENTERPRISE THROUGH COLLABORATION, CONVERSATION, AND EDUCATION". NodeSource, Intuit, PayPal and Dynatrace ... More >

Manage the Cost of a Feature through Performance and Resource Budgets


Having a performance budget for a feature is a widely discussed approach that I’ve been proposing for a performance oriented culture for a long time. In addition to Page Load Time – primarily used to derive the User Experience – I recommend  including key quality, performance and scalability metrics to define, implement and approve new features. As revealed in the blog “We only control 1/3rd of our page load time” we have only a fraction of the actual response-time budget ... More >

Shift-Left Quality with Dynatrace Personal License


In the past year I have helped scores of developers, testers, architects and ops analyze the quality, performance and scalability problems of the business critical apps for which they are responsible. They shared their data via Share Your PurePath which allowed me to provide them quick feedback on the technical root cause of why an application won’t scale or is slow. All of these fine people had one thing in common: They looked into the issue when it was almost or already ... More >

Java South Africa – 2015 Conference Highlights


I was invited to South Africa to speak at the Java Conference in Cape Town. Due to a short term change in speakers I got the opportunity to not only speak about my most favorite topic - Top Performance Problem Patterns - but also about my second favorite topic: Quality Metrics-Driven Software Delivery. As for our APM Challenge: Here is the current APM Challenge Leaderboard. For the Dynatrace T-Shirt challenge make sure you send in your PurePaths until 3PM friday. Get ... More >

20 Years of JavaOne: Highlights from a Developer Point of View


Its the 20th anniversary of JavaOne this year. Its the little brother to Oracle World this week but still attracting thousands of Java Developer that want to learn the latest on how Java can help them build all different types of apps (Internet of Things, Mobile, Cloud Apps, Enterprise Apps, ...) I am in the lucky situation to present my Deep Dive into Top Java Performance Mistakes in 2015 [CON2809] (you need to login to JavaOne portal to see the session details) on ... More >

Building Your Digital Future – Conference Highlights from PERFORM 2015


Intel, Panera Bread, American Express, Verizon ... just a small selection of the companies that we will share their stories at our annual Dynatrace Global User Conference - Perform 2015. Looking at the agenda it's clear we will hear a lot about how these and other companies transformed or are about to transform the way their IT helps supporting their business. It's about focusing on what really matters, what is really demanded by the consumer and delivering that with better ... More >

Content Debt: Underestimated User Experience & SEO Impact


In recent weeks I ran across several instances of "Content Debt". What is content debt? Like technical debt, content debt slows our content management systems down and impacts our end users in the event we do not follow common best practices and not constantly monitoring for outdated content on our web sites. The most recent example of content debt I encountered was actually from the STPCon Web Site (I love STPCon – but unfortunately they ran into a very classic issue). ... More >

Software Test Professionals – Conference Highlights from STPCon 2015


This week the Software Testing World moved to the US East Coast - just outside of Boston, MA a group of testers is discussing the latest and greatest at STPCon 2015. I was lucky enough to get 3 speaking slots this time (1 workshop, 2 breakouts) to share my thoughts on Performance, DevOps & Agile Testing: Application Performance Clinic Workshop DevOps: Find Solutions, Not More Defects More Top Performance Problems and Metrics for Testing Here are some of my ... More >

Born to Test – Conference Highlights from StarWest 2015


This week the Software Testing World is gathering at StarWest 2015 in Anaheim, CA (yeah - that's where Disneyland is) to share the latest best practices when it comes to Software Quality, Testing, Continuous Testing, DevOps, ... and all the other cool words floating around. I am a big fan of testers - that's actually how I started my career: as a tester testing a testing tool :-) -> back then it was SilkPerformer from Segue (later Borland & Microfocus). 15 years ... More >

Monolith to MicroServices: Key Architectural Metrics to Watch


Through my Share Your PurePath program I can confirm that many software companies are moving towards a more service-oriented approach. Whether you just call them services – or Micro-services doesn’t really matter. If you want to get a quick overview of the concepts I really encourage you to read Benjamin Wootton’s blog and the comments on “Microservices – Not A Free Lunch!” In the data that has been shared with me over the last couple of months I see the same trend, but ... More >