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Andreas Grabner has been helping companies improve their application performance for 15+ years. He is a regular contributor within Web Performance and DevOps communities and a prolific speaker at user groups and conferences around the world. Reach him at @grabnerandi

Analyzing JMeter Application Performance Results

JMeter is a very popular open source load testing tool with great flexibility thanks to its Java-based extension points. What it lacks is the ability to analyze the results in combination with metrics from your application and your infrastructure. As mentioned in a recent PerfBytes podcast, because JMeter itself doesn’t provide good data visualization, most users stream JMeter results to an external dashboarding solution. In order to avoid having to set up Elastic Search, ... More >

Tomcat Performance Problems Part 3: Exceptions, Pools, Queues, Threads & Memory Leaks

In my first blog on Top Tomcat Performance Problems I focused on Database Access, Micro-Services Access and Bad Frameworks that impact your application performance and scalability running in your Java App Server. My second covered Bad Coding, Inefficient Logging and Exceptions. To conclude this blog series I focus on Exceptions in general, inefficient use of Pools and Queues, Multi Threading issues and Memory Leaks. As a reminder – here is my complete Top 10 list which is ... More >

Addressing PHP mysql_connect Performance Problem

My colleague Harald Zeitlhofer has blogged about this DNS Lookup problem in PHP mysql_connect before. But it keeps coming up in stories I hear from PHP applications that connect to a local MySQL instance. Therefore I thought it is time to share another Share Your PurePath story with you. This time brought in from my colleague Nalin Agrawal, Senior Solution Consultant, out of our Dynatrace Malaysia office. With a simple change of the connect string from localhost to ... More >

Top Tomcat Performance Problems Part 2: Bad Coding, Inefficient Logging & Exceptions

In my first blog on Top Tomcat Performance Problems I focused on Database Access, Micro-Services Access and Bad Frameworks that impact your application performance and scalability running in your Java App Server. This time I will focus on Bad Coding resulting in high CPU, Sync or Wait hotspots, Inefficient Logging, and the Impact of Invisible Exceptions. As a reminder – here is my complete Top 10 list which is also applicable to other App Servers - so keep reading if your ... More >

Build, optimize, test, operate highly-scalable applications with Dynatrace

Since I started my Share Your PurePath program a little over a year ago, I have received over 200 Dynatrace sessions containing performance data of small, medium, and large applications. All struggled with the same problem: scalability and performance issues that resulted in dissatisfied users, adding more hardware/resources in an attempt to mitigate the problem, and war rooms for those apps that have already been deployed. For  apps still in development it resulted in ... More >

Top Tomcat Performance Problems: Database, Micro-Services and Frameworks

Slow or excessive SQL Queries; wrong configured connection pools; excessive service, REST and remoting calls; overhead through excessive logging or inefficient exception handling; as well as bad coding leading to CPU Hotspots, Memory Leaks, impact through Garbage Collection or stuck threads through synchronization issues. These are some of the top performance problems I analyzed through my “Share Your PurePath” program last year. A big "Thank You!" to all our Dynatrace ... More >

Diagnosing Common Database Performance Hotspots in our Java Code

When I help developers or architects analyze and optimize the performance of their Java application it is not about tweaking individual methods to squeeze out another millisecond or two in execution time. While for certain software it is important to optimize on milliseconds I think this is not where we should start looking. I analyzed hundreds of applications in 2015 and found most performance and scalability issues around bad architectural decisions, misconfigured ... More >

Full Stack Diagnostics – Full Mac Support – Dynatrace Personal 2016!

If you have seen a PurePath of your application you – like many others -- were likely blown away with the diagnostics information captured: Full end-to-end method level tracing and diagnostics, from the Browser, through your application stack, all the way down to SQL. Also, performance, scalability and functional hotspot detection attained by simply installing a single library on your Java App Server, .NET CLR, PHP Engine, Nginx, Node.js, Docker Container, all of which allows ... More >

Production: Performance where it REALLY matters!

“Production is where performance matters most, as it directly impacts our end users and ultimately decides whether our software will be successful or not. Efforts to create test conditions and environments exactly like Production will always fall short; nothing compares to production!” These were the opening lines of my invitation encouraging performance practitioners to apply for the recent WOPR24 (Workshop On Performance and Reliability). Thirteen performance gurus answered ... More >

EnterpriseJS Boston Summit Highlights

I was fortunate to be in town at the same time EnterpriseJS Boston Summit was taking place earlier this week. I am just starting to wrap my head around Node.js (being a guy with a background in .NET and Java) and, therefore, not at all an expert in the field. Check out which is "A COMMUNITY FOCUSED ON ELEVATING JAVASCRIPT DEVELOPMENT FOR THE ENTERPRISE THROUGH COLLABORATION, CONVERSATION, AND EDUCATION". NodeSource, Intuit, PayPal and Dynatrace ... More >