Lifecycle Trends and DevOps

Topics of discussion here include cultural shifts and trends seen across Development, Operations, Test and beyond. Heavily covered topics include DevOps and other supporting principles like continuous delivery, continuous integration and agile and lean development as they influence IT attitudes and ultimately user performance.

Black Friday Night – Saving your eCommerce business – Real Time!


It's Black Friday in the US! For me it's actually already early Saturday being located in Europe. The past hours I spent on troubleshooting eCommerce sites that went down during their Black Friday peak sales periods. My friends at hybris kept me in the loop with their effort on keeping their customer's commerce sites up and running. I thought to share my experience of analyzing the root cause on four sites powered by hybris. None of these problems took me longer than 15 ... More >

Cool new stuff on the NGINX front

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 01.11.34

Although NGINX conf 2015 took place back in September, not a day passes without someone asking me to summarize highlights from the event, future NGINX plans, what's coming up, and related information requests, so I prepared this blog as an update on "what's up with NGINX". But first, I would like to once again thank the NGINX team for organizing a fantastic (sold out) event at a a very cool venue: Fort Mason, San Francisco. With over 600 registrations the annual event was ... More >

Manage the Cost of a Feature through Performance and Resource Budgets


Having a performance budget for a feature is a widely discussed approach that I’ve been proposing for a performance oriented culture for a long time. In addition to Page Load Time – primarily used to derive the User Experience – I recommend  including key quality, performance and scalability metrics to define, implement and approve new features. As revealed in the blog “We only control 1/3rd of our page load time” we have only a fraction of the actual response-time budget ... More >

Shift-Left Quality with Dynatrace Personal License


In the past year I have helped scores of developers, testers, architects and ops analyze the quality, performance and scalability problems of the business critical apps for which they are responsible. They shared their data via Share Your PurePath which allowed me to provide them quick feedback on the technical root cause of why an application won’t scale or is slow. All of these fine people had one thing in common: They looked into the issue when it was almost or already ... More >

Java South Africa – 2015 Conference Highlights


I was invited to South Africa to speak at the Java Conference in Cape Town. Due to a short term change in speakers I got the opportunity to not only speak about my most favorite topic - Top Performance Problem Patterns - but also about my second favorite topic: Quality Metrics-Driven Software Delivery. As for our APM Challenge: Here is the current APM Challenge Leaderboard. For the Dynatrace T-Shirt challenge make sure you send in your PurePaths until 3PM friday. Get ... More >

DevOps News Live from DevOpsDays Berlin 2015: Day 2


One of the best things about the end of Day 1 at DevOpsDays is there's Day 2 right around the corner! Here is a summary of DevOpsDays Berlin 2015, Day 2 from my perspective. ... More >

DevOps News Live from DevOpsDays Berlin 2015: Day 1


This year I was invited to present at DevOpsDays Berlin, the most-awaited DevOps gathering in Central Europe. A two-day event, it is informative, delivers insights from industry thought leaders, and is attended by people eager to share experiences and learn from each other. This blog post summarizes the activities of Day 1. Keynote by John Willis The morning began with a keynote presentation by DevOps thought leader John Willis (@botchagalupe) who reminded us that DevOps is ... More >

Network App Performance: Application Deceleration Controller & DC RUM


Not too long ago I had an opportunity to work with a customer who was experiencing performance problems with their web-based HR application. Users at the headquarters location – about 30 milliseconds away from the data center – would occasionally experience page load times of 10 or 15 seconds – instead of the normal 2 or 3 seconds. Dynatrace Data Center Real User Monitoring (DC RUM) reported both a pattern – the problem occurred regularly, each night at around midnight – and ... More >

Kick-Start Continuous Monitoring with Chef, Ansible and Puppet

Automated Deployments of Dynatrace Application Monitoring

It's been more than six months since I wrote about Top DevOps Tools We Love, and many great things have happened on the topic since then. Today, I am proud to announce the immediate availability of Chef, Ansible and Puppet scripts for automated deployments of our Dynatrace Application Monitoring solution into development, test and production environments. Here are the "whys" and "hows". ... More >

7 Reasons why APM is a No-Brainer for all Organizations


Why bother? That is the question many IT professionals face when trying to sell the value of application performance management internally to their organizations. As a working IT manager, for a Fortune 500 company, I like to save my company money, work more efficiently and ensure that my system users are happy. It sometimes feels easier to not bother, but then inevitably there is a system failure, a group of unhappy users or some type of technology emergency. APM ... More >