Enterprise web front-end performance tuning – worst practices case study

In a recent blog I discussed Enterprise web front-end performance tuning, extending the tuning recommendations to include characteristics of the enterprise data center/private cloud. I left with a promise to nominate a case study for ... More >


Use Visibility & Facts to Avoid Lengthy War Rooms & Miscommunication

A few days back I was called into a war room situation with the hosted services group of our partner hybris. They were facing issues with the eCommerce site of one of their customers, a large UK based luxury clothing retailer. The situation ... More >


How Netflix, Mars Curiosity Rover, testing & automation can help us deploy better code, faster

YOW! 2015 Brisbane is a wrap! I have been to many developer conferences over the course of my career in IT, and the level of thought leadership and innovation at this event by speakers, sponsors, and developers won’t soon be matched. The ... More >

Star Wars Meme - 7

Update: Countdown to Premiere of Star Wars, The Force Awakens: Digital Performance Is Essential for Related Sites

Star Wars, The Force Awakens Premieres – A Look at the Digital Performance of Ticket Purchasing and Merchandising Sites Under the Force of Online Visits   Update: December 22nd, 2015 Star Wars Digital Performance – “Epilogue” ... More >

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Boost Java application performance (almost) automatically

Is it possible to speed up a complex Java application by more than 10% in a few simple steps without changing code? Yes, if you configure your Java VM correctly. One of the most resource-intensive components of a Java VM is the garbage ... More >


Help! 70% of our data center traffic caused by Search Engine Robots!

I recently began research on Search Engine Optimization to further understand what we can learn from Performance Monitoring solutions. As an IT nerd, I started the investigation on the technical side of the house, speaking with operators ... More >


Production: Performance where it REALLY matters!

“Production is where performance matters most, as it directly impacts our end users and ultimately decides whether our software will be successful or not. Efforts to create test conditions and environments exactly like Production will ... More >


Last-Minute Black Friday Rescue & Cyber Monday Readiness

In order to be ready for Christmas season, online retailers typically bring their shops into shape right before Black Friday. Together with Cyber Monday this is the most important day in the retailer's year. (@Stilnest) is a ... More >