Application Performance Clinics – Top Problems Solved in November

Over the past few months I have been giving online and offline talks called Performance Clinics. During these clinics, I show you how to analyze performance and give you feedback on the data you’ve collected on your own application. For ... More >


Dynatrace AJAX Edition 4.5 is here! Closing the Last Chapter, but the Story Continues

Over the last couple of years the Dynatrace engineering team out of Linz, Austria continually updated one of the best browser diagnostics tools for Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows. Back in 2009 it received strong endorsements from ... More >


How to do a SharePoint Performance Sanity Check in 15 Minutes

For some it’s hard to understand why SharePoint became that popular – and quite honestly – a lot of projects I’ve seen being implemented on SharePoint make me wonder why they chose SharePoint in the first place. But – there are a lot of ... More >

Dynatrace monitoring the % time spent in suspension by garbage collection before and after the change.

How Using APM throughout the Application Lifecycle Can Affect your Revenue

Working with APM solutions often puts us in the spotlight when applications have problems. Many of us follow a common series of “phases” with some key differences depending on how the application lifecycle is implemented both with processes ... More >


Black Friday 2014 vs 2013 Holiday Comparison

Now that Black Friday 2014 is over, let’s have a look at how the top performers faired when compared to the bottom performers and let’s compare this years results to last year’s results. Mobile 2014 Here are the top 10 Mobile Retail ... More >


3 Good Things About NetPod; a Combined AANPM Effort

So what’s going on? Dynatrace and Emulex have announced NetPod™, a fully integrated solution that combines Dynatrace’s Data Center Real-User Monitoring and Emulex’s EndaceProbe™ Intelligent Network Recorder. It is no small thing when two ... More >


Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2014 Web and Mobile Performance Live Blog

Update December 1st, 2014 at 5:05PM CyberMonday Wrap Up Wrapping up Cyber Monday with a look at the Top Retailers who prepared the most for the onslaught of mobile traffic this Cyber Monday. Sears, Costco, Office Depot, REI, Saks and ... More >


A Faster Android 5 is Coming; Get the Most out of your Android App Performance!

A new version of Android is coming up, Lollipop, and as usual the Android team at Google is promising that it will be faster, backed by a new ART runtime and the promise is to reach performance improvements up to 100%. I am lucky that I can ... More >