The Evolution of APM

The Internet made global local, Social changed the way we communicate and Mobile made it possible to do everything anywhere. The collection of these efforts has forced more innovation in a shorter period of time than anywhere else in human ... More >


Top Five Broken AA NPM Promises

You may have noticed – through experience, product literature, website content, or marketing emails – that virtually all AA NPM solutions tout benefits from capabilities embedded in such themes as “User Experience,” “Application ... More >


Hybris Performance Review: 10 System Health Checks

For over 3 years now I have been working closely with hybris. During this time we have demonstrated a lot of value for customers in optimizing custom hybris configurations at a critical point in the initial deployment of their sites. ... More >

WordPress Performance Metrics

WordPress Analytics and Performance Monitoring made easy

I was recently asked to provide some analytics metrics around popular blog posts and popular authors. If you are a WordPress admin you might have been asked similar questions. As we use Dynatrace UEM (User Experience Management) for ... More >


Unlocking Critical SAP Performance Insight

SAP performance issues can be extremely complex and painful – for users, for administrators, and for IT teams alike. My colleagues and I know this first-hand as our experience as Dynatrace Guardian Consultants gives us unique insight into ... More >


How to use performance intelligence to deliver better retail banking experiences

Banks today are investing heavily in transformation projects to make it convenient for their customers to do business with them, anytime, anywhere, anyhow. While making the transition from the early days of retail IT banking systems to the ... More >

Effects of omitting NODE_ENV

The drastic effects of omitting NODE_ENV in your Express.js applications

Most developers learn best by examples, which naturally tend to simplify matters and omit things that aren’t essential for understanding. This means that the “Hello World” example, when used as starting point for an application, may be not ... More >


How to get Visibility into Docker Clusters running Kubernetes

Google officially launched today the final version of their cluster manager project Kubernetes, which treats Docker containers as first-class citizens. In this blog post, I will show you how you can monitor the performance of your ... More >