Live Blog: Tracking Super Bowl Ad Performance


Update: February 1st, 2015, 4:00pm EST Looks like some issues starting with   Using our Root Cause Analysis we see the issue as a network level issue where socket connections are being refused.  This is being seen across our network from all locations. I love M&Ms, hope they sort it out soon. Update: February 1st, 2015, 4:00pm EST The success and failure of many of the advertisers today will be based not on the infrastructure the host ... More >

Preview: Super Bowl Ad Performance Tests Are in Place


This weekend marks the 49th annual Super Bowl! If you aren't psyched to watch the big game, you can still be entertained by the extravagant commercials companies pay millions for each year. Hopefully, if you work in the IT department of one of these companies you've already load tested the landing pages the commercials will be sending people to during the game so they don’t crash. We’ve got monitoring in place now for the relevant landing pages below. We’ll be looking at a ... More >

Key Performance Metrics For Load Tests Beyond Response Time- Part II


In Part I of this blog I explained which metrics on the Web Server, App Server and Host allow me to figure out how healthy the system and application environment is: Busy vs. Idle Threads, Throughput, CPU, Memory, et. Cetera. In Part II, I focus on the set of metrics captured from within the application server (#Exceptions, Errors, ...) as well as the interaction with the database (connection pools, roundtrips to database, amount of data loaded …). Most of the screenshots ... More >

Key Performance Metrics For Load Tests Beyond Response Time- Part I

How to load test featured image

Whether it is JMeter, SoapUI, Load Runner, SilkTest, Neotys or one of the cloud-based load testing solutions such as Keynote, Dynatrace (formerly Gomez) or others, breaking an application under heavy load is easy these days. Finding the problem based on automatically generated load testing reports is not. Can you tell me what is wrong based on the following reports? My Key Metrics from Web Server to Database I’ve helped engineering organizations over the last 10 – 15 ... More >

4 Actions to help Marketing and support your Super Bowl ad performance


While your marketing team/agency was figuring out how many puppies, bikini clad women or hashtags to incorporate into your upcoming Super Bowl ad/commercial, I sure hope someone has been planning for the increased attention your homepage or landing pages expect to get. There is a great chance marketing hasn’t thought this through, especially this year as some Super Bowl ad spots have only recently been sold. I really hope whoever is spending $4.4M for 30s of air time with ... More >

Application Performance Clinics – Top Problems Solved in November


Over the past few months I have been giving online and offline talks called Performance Clinics. During these clinics, I show you how to analyze performance and give you feedback on the data you’ve collected on your own application. For Dynatrace users, I run a special offer called “Share Your PurePath” where I provide feedback and can give you extend Dynatrace licenses. Every month I am going to write a short blog on the top problems found within the program so you get to ... More >

Dynatrace AJAX Edition 4.5 is here! Closing the Last Chapter, but the Story Continues


Over the last couple of years the Dynatrace engineering team out of Linz, Austria continually updated one of the best browser diagnostics tools for Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows. Back in 2009 it received strong endorsements from Steve Souders and John Resig and Dynatrace AJAX Edition became very popular. Today we are announcing the availability of our next -and final- Dynatrace AJAX Edition version. This release supports the latest version of Firefox and also ... More >

Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2014 Web and Mobile Performance Live Blog


Update December 1st, 2014 at 5:05PM CyberMonday Wrap Up Wrapping up Cyber Monday with a look at the Top Retailers who prepared the most for the onslaught of mobile traffic this Cyber Monday. Sears, Costco, Office Depot, REI, Saks and NewEgg all understood that servicing their customers on mobile devices required a different set of priorities than delivering content to  tradition desktop browsers.  By using techniques like Responsive Web Design, these Retailers tailored ... More >

Form guide – which betting agency website will win the Melbourne Cup?


It’s 4 days until the Melbourne Cup, a horse race that literally stops a nation.  It’s the single biggest betting event in the sporting year, and a huge percentage of the population will have a little wager.  What’s the easiest way to place that bet?  Online… So I thought I’d run some tests on the betting agency websites to see who is in the best form leading up to the big race. Jump straight to the infographic here if you like. The agencies monitored ... More >

Proper configuration for running PHP on Nginx


When I started looking into Nginx, I was very impressed by the high performance of this lightweight HTTP server. But more and more I've become keen on the ease of its configuration. I have successfully used Nginx for serving PHP applications for quite a while, this article is about the lessons I have learned. I’m using Nginx on Ubuntu Linux, the installation is straight forward: sudo apt-get install nginx Nginx as a reverse proxy A common use case for Nginx is to ... More >