WordPress Analytics and Performance Monitoring made easy

WordPress Performance Metrics

I was recently asked to provide some analytics metrics around popular blog posts and popular authors. If you are a WordPress admin you might have been asked similar questions. As we use Dynatrace UEM (User Experience Management) for analytics and performance monitoring of our WordPress instance anyway I just went forward using it. What follows in this blog is a step-by-step tutorial in case you want to do the same on your WordPress powered blog, and the approach itself is of ... More >

Top Web Performance Hotspots for #BlessedRamadan eCommerce


Over the past few years the majority of the WPO (Web Performance Optimization) experts I know have focused their attention almost exclusively on the US & European markets – so have we. However this year we’ve been asked to look further east and see how our friends that build and run large ecommerce websites in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt or United Arabic Emirates are doing in terms of end user experience, performance and adhering to the latest web ... More >

Common Architectural Pitfalls in PHP/Drupal Applications Identified in 15 Minutes


As a services architect I have visited a plethora of customers & mature IT shops from around the world. The following story is from one of my latest engagements at a prominent Belgian company that hosts various newspapers using an Apache/PHP infrastructure that is running Drupal. This organization had been struggling with performance issues for a while but had no way to dive into the transactions to analyze them on method level. This was all about to change! We found ... More >

Delivering Omnichannel Success with IBM WebSphere Commerce: A Digital Agency Perspective


I had the opportunity to talk to Jon Anhold, an Associate Technology Partner at Rosetta, a leading Digital Agency that specializes in IBM WebSphere Commerce about how they consistently deliver Omnichannel success to their clients. His feedback and responses were really insightful and I just couldn't help but share them in their entirety! Matt: Rosetta describes its mission as ‘connecting rich data, engaging experiences and robust technologies to forge meaningful ... More >

Digital Performance Insights from Mother’s Day 2015


The digital business landscape is highly competitive.  The transformation from traditional approaches to doing business to a real dominance of digital channels is well underway. At Dynatrace, we see interesting trends shaping how Digital Business Owners approach the playing field when they have no choice, but to aggressively go to market online.  For Mother’s Day 2015, the Dynatrace team examined a number of specialty sites, which received high traffic prior to May ... More >

Key Metrics to ensure your IBM WebSphere Commerce investment delivers: Part I


IBM WebSphere Commerce (WSC) is a robust and highly scalable platform for powering omni-channel commerce.  However, to monitor WSC effectively for the purposes of maximizing revenue through the delivery of a high-performance customer experience, it is not enough to just monitor PMI metrics, CPU, memory and disk of the underlying infrastructure that runs the IBM WSC engine. It requires collection of a rich data set that can be presented to various stakeholders to ensure that ... More >

Functional Test (R)Evolution


In the last couple of weeks I had the chance to meet a lot of testers in different cities and at different events. To name a few: TestExpo in Copenhagen, STPCon in San Diego, Grand Rapids Testers and Sydney Testers Meetup. I presented my idea of a performance metrics driven approach to software engineering across the lifecycle. I want testers to level-up their skill set and not only test for functional correctness but look behind the scenes and look at things that might seem ... More >

Creating Evolved Applications for Evolving Customer Experiences [Infographic]


Change and variability in customer buying behaviors is a constant. Especially as buying power shifts to the millennial generation, born digitals with higher expectations.  It’s our job to be prepared to build a high performing digital experience around each potential customer and precisely in the moment and place they need it. At a macro level, the battle to drive specific user behavior is lost, creating evolving environments that meet any possible user behavior is our only ... More >

Mobilegeddon is here.


Google’s new algorithms for mobile search have arrived. If you’re calling it #Mobilegeddon then it caught you by surprise.  And in fact, it’s catching a lot of businesses off guard if they don’t have a solid digital performance strategy in place. A bit of background Google is in the process of changing how they rank mobile web pages (pages that load in mobile devices).  What does this mean for some businesses?  This means that their ranking in Google searches is going to ... More >

Breaking Down the Website Performance of Tax Day 2015


So yesterday was April 15th 2015… Tax Day.  Across the US, taxpayers had a deadline that they need to file their federal and state taxes.  As with every aspect of our day-to-day lives we are seeing the digitization of how we prepare and file our taxes.  Just a quick look at the traffic going to the IRS.gov shows the level of activity that tax related sites receive this time of year.  Compared to the off season IRS.gov sees a 3-4x increase in traffic during tax ... More >