Web Performance Tuning & the Enterprise Frontend


We’re all aware of the impact that user experience and page speed have on business results for online shopping sites; much has been written about the correlation between web performance and business metrics such as conversions, revenue and brand image. Inside the enterprise, though, we don’t really talk about conversions or abandonment – we have a captive audience, right? Instead, conversations about performance turn towards productivity and user satisfaction. What ... More >

Who stole the Flux Capacitor? – Taking hybris eCommerce back to the future with performance powered by Dynatrace!

enhancing the hybris flux capacitor with dynatrace

Last week at the hybris Customer Days in Fort Worth I witnessed Brian McFly and Doc Werkema, two hybris people from the future, get stranded in the present with their Delorean DMC-12. Unfortunately, their flux capacitor was damaged on the journey and they are now stuck in a world where commerce and marketing systems do not work together, sales and services are not integrated, and where there are no microservice architectures! To facilitate their rescue the #hybrislabs guys ... More >

Search Engine Optimization: Lessons learned from Performance Monitoring solutions – Part 1


Content quality, mobile readiness and site performance are the three key pillars of search engine ranking. I want to examine the performance impact here since it is easy to measure and Google is really supports it. Google is even experimenting with a “Red Slow Label” to warn users about bad performing sites.  But have you, the search engine optimization (SEO) folks, or anyone in your organization, ever looked at what the performance experience of Google -, Paidu -, Bing - and ... More >

Content Debt: Underestimated User Experience & SEO Impact


In recent weeks I ran across several instances of "Content Debt". What is content debt? Like technical debt, content debt slows our content management systems down and impacts our end users in the event we do not follow common best practices and not constantly monitoring for outdated content on our web sites. The most recent example of content debt I encountered was actually from the STPCon Web Site (I love STPCon – but unfortunately they ran into a very classic issue). ... More >

Software Test Professionals – Conference Highlights from STPCon 2015


This week the Software Testing World moved to the US East Coast - just outside of Boston, MA a group of testers is discussing the latest and greatest at STPCon 2015. I was lucky enough to get 3 speaking slots this time (1 workshop, 2 breakouts) to share my thoughts on Performance, DevOps & Agile Testing: Application Performance Clinic Workshop DevOps: Find Solutions, Not More Defects More Top Performance Problems and Metrics for Testing Here are some of my ... More >

On Our Way to the Fall Classic with Digital Performance Management


Several weeks ago we had a look at Fantasy Football site performance as football season kicked off.  Autumn is also the time to watch the Major League Baseball pennant races. Baseball is particularly exciting for me this year as the Blue Jays are leading the AL East just a few games up on NY. It reminds me of when the Blue Jays won the World Series in 1993 when, according to an MIT study, there were only 623 websites in the world! Obviously, much has changed since that time. ... More >

7 Reasons why APM is a No-Brainer for all Organizations


Why bother? That is the question many IT professionals face when trying to sell the value of application performance management internally to their organizations. As a working IT manager, for a Fortune 500 company, I like to save my company money, work more efficiently and ensure that my system users are happy. It sometimes feels easier to not bother, but then inevitably there is a system failure, a group of unhappy users or some type of technology emergency. APM ... More >

Fall Fantasy Football Digital Performance 2015


Fall is knocking on the door and everyone in the U.S. knows what that means…  Football Season!  We have been talking a lot about the transformative nature of digital experience, and that applies to Fantasy Football.  Fantasy Football leagues have boomed since people figured out that they could run fantasy leagues online.  What was once a niche activity of die hard sports fanatics run out of back rooms and bars has now become a multi million-dollar online business. Our team at ... More >

WordPress Analytics and Performance Monitoring made easy

WordPress Performance Metrics

I was recently asked to provide some analytics metrics around popular blog posts and popular authors. If you are a WordPress admin you might have been asked similar questions. As we use Dynatrace UEM (User Experience Management) for analytics and performance monitoring of our WordPress instance anyway I just went forward using it. What follows in this blog is a step-by-step tutorial in case you want to do the same on your WordPress powered blog, and the approach itself is of ... More >

Top Web Performance Hotspots for #BlessedRamadan eCommerce


Over the past few years the majority of the WPO (Web Performance Optimization) experts I know have focused their attention almost exclusively on the US & European markets – so have we. However this year we’ve been asked to look further east and see how our friends that build and run large ecommerce websites in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt or United Arabic Emirates are doing in terms of end user experience, performance and adhering to the latest web ... More >